Classes at Enriched Stitch

Classes at Enriched Stitch

We offer many classes at The Enriched Stitch.
Tuesday 12:30-2:30 Studio Time with Becki and Suzie
Come to class with a project or start something new and we'll help you select stitches and threads, work on technique, or whatever you want to learn! This class is geared to your individual needs. If you're just starting out or want to learn advanced techniques, this is the class for you! $15 per session. Registration required. If you feel more comfortable one on one, we offer private lessons, as well.

Class Schedule

Studio Time


Tuesdays: 12:30-2:30 with Becki
Thursday 12:30-2:30 with Becki, Friday 10:30-12:30 with Suzie
Saturday 12:30-2:30 with Suzie